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Make Bali Your Home!

Do you yearn for that "holiday, every day" sensation in a Bali Resort environment where you are encouraged to be involved, evolve, and flourish?

The Wana Sandat Lifestyle Residential Resort, Bali offers you a luxurious lifestyle that enables you to affordably live in Bali whithin a fully integrated socially interactive community of similar-aged and like-minded people.


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New Friends
New Interests
New Horizons

Our dream is simple! Create a tropical island paradise where like-minded, like-aged individuals can enjoy the prime of their lives living in Bali without a care in the world.

A safe, secure and elegant location where everything you need is taken care of for you, as well as everything you are likely to need for your retirement in Bali.

A place in Bali you can call home, a place you, your family and friends will all love and enjoy.

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Its Inspiring Culture

The paradise island of Bali, Indonesia, has been welcoming travellers for decades, drawn by its warm climate, friendly people and fascinating culture. In recent years, the improved infrastructure, and relatively low cost of living in Bali, together with improved medical facilities and the issuance of a retirement visa for the over-55s, has started attracting visitors who wish to make Bali their home, choosing to live in Bali and take advantage of all that the island offers.

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